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Aug 15, 2019

Nicole Cole is an expert on all things learning through play and as a busy mom she gets it when it's been a long day but you still want to engage with your child. She talks on the podcast today about how to fit it in when we're tired from work, commutes, and being around other people.

Nicole expresses the need for...

Aug 8, 2019

We know that balance doesn't exist - it's nearly impossible to keep the scales perfectly even when our lives are moving as fast as they are.

We, as moms, are juggling so much and making so many decisions that we may have overflow from one category in our lives to another.

There are 4 phases or spaces that we as...

Aug 1, 2019

Today I talked with Jazz Smolett on how to have the hard discussions with your child and family at the right time.

Jazz has a new TV show, she is a cookbook author, TV producer, writer, mom and so much more. We talk about

  • How she's making sure her daughter knows her history and background
  • How she's finding diverse...

Jul 25, 2019

Today on the podcast I interview Onyi Azih!

She blogs at Sincerely Onyi and on the podcast we talk about the struggles of not living near your family and how she manages that with two young boys.

She shares how she handles living away from family, trusting others to be around your children, and how she plans to instill...

Jul 13, 2019

Brandy Wells is sharing conscious parenting and is parenting differently and encouraging us to get away from the generational parenting mistakes that don’t work for every child. She is a licensed independent social worker specializing in childhood mental health. She’s mother to 3 girls and a wife. Brandy focuses...